Hunkeler Distribution, your Premium Food Agent

Hunkeler Distribution is a young food & beverage agency in the premium B2B & B2C sector. We represent a handpicked selection of food and beverage manufacturers in the markets of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Balkans, Great Britain and Scandinavia.

As an agency, we take care of the distribution and publicity of your products in the target markets as well as the smooth process between manufacturer, sales and gastronomy or major distributors. It is our aim to bring together the right partners and to create long-term win-win solutions.

Despite our young history, we have made a number of successes including partnerships with major distributors like Pier 7 Food Group and Lantmannen (Unibake) in Germany. We are largely responsible for the triumph of Originale Pinsa Romana from Di Marco in our markets. We have managed to establish the product throughout Switzerland, from canteens to stadiums to 5-star gastronomy.

When selecting the products, we primarily pay attention to quality and uniqueness. Very often, the products we represent clearly stand out at the top in blind tests.

We currently carry the following brands:

  • The Originale Pinsa Romana by Di Marco 
  • Various accessories from the Regina brand for serving, selling and consuming Originale Pinsa Romana
  • Rinaldi Superforni high performance and tunnel ovens for pizzas and pinsas
  • Dal Molise IQF Buratta and more
  • Vintonic – the highly popular Austrian mixed drink made of wine and tonic
  • Suppa Salumificio Halal beef products from Calabria
  • Suppa Salumificio pork products from Calabria

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about any of our products or services:

Originale Pinsa Romana at Rumble in the Jungle food festival, Zurich (March 2022)

Our Values

We are the sales representative for the Di Marco Originale Pinsa Romana exclusively in our markets. The original recipe, name, and branding are protected worldwide.

We are a well coordinated international team doing our best for our business partners, both wholesale and retail. We value our partners and together we sell fine, healthy, exclusive and sustainable food.

“The Real Deal” – We work selectively, precisely and pursue a win-win strategy in where both us and our business partners experience added value.

We only sell products of exceptional quality. We are always looking for business partners and pay attention to quality, location and image.

We pursue a qualitative sales strategy and protect our business partners by not supplying every possible customer. We carefully consider which partners need which territorial protection and which have a positive effect on the overall image and brand of the original Pinsa Romana and which do not.

Our food products are high quality, healthy and handmade. Our pricing policy is reasonable and fair.

We are very easy to reach and readily available to answer every email, every request within 24 hours at the latest.

We regard our customers as partners. We value them and strive to grow their business by building great relationships and reliable service.

We only include products in our range that we consider sustainable. By working with us, our partnerships should be successful for many years.

We donate at least 10% of the company’s annual profit to various aid organizations.