Hunkeler Distribution, your Premium Food Agent

Hunkeler Distribution is a young food & beverage agency in the premium B2B & B2C sector. We represent a handpicked selection of food and beverage manufacturers in the markets of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Balkans, Great Britain and Scandinavia.

As an agency, we take care of the distribution and publicity of your products in the target markets as well as the smooth process between manufacturer, sales and gastronomy or major distributors. It is our aim to bring together the right partners and to create long-term win-win situations.

Despite our young history, we have made a number of successes. Among other things, we are largely responsible for the triumph of the original Pinsa Romana from Di Marco in our markets. We have managed to establish the product throughout Switzerland, from canteens to stadiums to 5-star gastronomy.

When selecting the products, we primarily pay attention to quality and uniqueness. Very often, the products we represent clearly stand out at the top in blind tests.

We currently carry the following brands:

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Hunkeler Distribution