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Dal Molise

Dal Molise

Dal Molise, the inventor of IQF frozen Burrata, offers all Italian soft cheeses of the highest quality with a best before date of 18 months.

Product Details

Gastronomic world first!

Dal Molise have succeeded in solving an age-old problem of Italian cuisine: that of shelf life. From the region of Molise, between Abruzzo and Apulia, come a true innovation. After years of research and in close cooperation with scientists from the University of Bari, Domenico Notartomaso and his team of cheese producers create the first Frozen Buratta.

Goodbye Foodwaste

Until recently, products like burrata with its creamy center were quickly perishable. No more than six or seven days were allowed between production and consumption. If not enough burratas were sold in that period, everything had to be disposed of. This is now a thing of the past: Dal Molise has managed to preserve the freshness and creaminess. The flash-frozen products can be kept for up to 18 months and still taste as if they had just been produced. Try it out!

A wide range of products

Hunkeler Distribution now carries twelve Dal Molise products in its range:

The frozen 5g Fiordilatte pearls in 1 kilo bags, are ideal for restaurants and caterings and easy to portion thanks to standardised sizes. Ideal for salads and aperitifs of all kinds.

Thanks to their small size and a weight of only 0.8 grams, our Fiordilatte Mozzarella Sticks can be defrosted and used. They melt quickly during baking and are perfect for Pinsa Romana - as no water is released in the oven and so the crispiness of the pinata dough is not affected.

We can claim here for a long time that the frozen burratas from Dal Molise are a sensation - you have to try them yourself. Thanks to the ingenious blast-freezing technique, they taste as creamy and fresh as if they were made directly, even after weeks in the freezer. And of course: they also go wonderfully with any Pinsa.

As a tasty alternative to the conventional burrata, we also offer the smoked version. It has an intense flavour of its own that contrasts pleasantly with the creamy-sweet centre. Smoked Burrata is perfect for all kinds of cooked and baked dishes that need to be a little more refined.

Stracciatella is what Italians call the creamy filling of burrata - a mixture of stretched mozzarella and cream. We also offer this filling separately. It can be used raw or cooked to spice up a wide variety of dishes such as bruschettas, cold cuts, pizzas or pinsas.

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Product KG Unit | Palette
Frozen Burrata 100g 0.2 10 | 108
Frozen Stracciatella 200g 0.2 10 | 108
Frozen Burratina (for Microwave) 100g 0.2 12 | 195
Frozen Mozzarella Bocconcini ball 50g 0.25 10 | 120
Frozen Burrata 50g 1.00 6 | 112
Frozen Buffalo`s Mozzarella 125g 0.125 12 | 220
Frozen Mascarpone 500g 0.5 6 | 208
Frozen Mozzarella Pearls 1g 1.00 16 | 48
Frozen Fior di latte Pearls 5g 1.00 14 | 48
Frozen Fior di latte Sticks 0.8g 1.00 14 | 48
Frozen Mozzarella Medals 20g 1.00 14 | 48


GMO free
INGREDIENTS: Pasteurised cow's milk, salt, rennet, lactic acid bacteria, Origin of milk: EU; Country of processing: Italy, Allergens: Milk and lactose, GMO: not present
Nutritional values: Energy 213, Fat 13g, Saturated fat 8.8g, Carbohydrate 1g, Sugar 0.9g, Protein 23g, Salt 0.60g

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