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Rinaldi Superforni

Rinaldi Superforni

The Rinaldi Superforni series ovens have been a world-leading product in the catering industry and for the home since 1946.

Product Details

Since 1946, Rinaldi's Superforni ovens have been world leaders in the catering and domestic sectors. Stainless steel exterior with glass ceramic thermal insulation, shallow aluminium chamber with firebrick interior. For a good view of your cooking products, the door is equipped with a viewing window in fireproof double glass. Thanks to the electromagnetic control panels and the electric temperature control, you have full control over the oven's performance. Depending on the version (oven with one or two chambers), the upper and lower heating elements can be switched separately.


Model Dimensions
Chamber (mm)
Max Tempreture.
Volts Weight(kg)
AE/04 450x580x55 350x400x160 450 230 35
FF 46/50 700x700x740 460x500x150 350 230 70
FF 72/50 960x730x710 720x500x150 350 230/380 100


Stainless steel


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