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This high-quality mixed drink from Austria is a growing trend the last two years. Suddenly Aperol, Hugo & Co taste like they're from the last century. Take the test.

Product Details

VinTonic is THE new summer drink from Austria. This high-quality mixed drink made from wine and tonic has taken the world by storm in the last two years. The two components blend perfectly and make for an exceptional drinking experience. With an alcohol content of 5.7%, VinTonic is pleasantly light and thus a pleasure for many occasions.

Hardly invented, already a classic

VinTonic has established itself within a very short time. The success of this noble mixed drink is due to its high refreshment factor.

Fine white wine impresses with its tangy aroma, which combines both fruity and spicy components. Perfectly matched tonic adds a pleasant bitter note and rounds off the taste experience with the fine citrus note of fresh limes. The lightness of VinTonic is perfect as a basis for further individualization: simply add orange, lemon or berries and discover VinTonic again and again.

As a light alternative to gin and tonic, Vintonic is the ideal summer drink to celebrate and enjoy life together with friends.

White or Rosé

The basis of every VinTonic is sparkling wine from the Weinviertel region. In addition to the classic on white wine basis, we offer new also the VinTonic Rosé. Vintonic Rosé is pure summer feeling in the glass. The fine vanilla-strawberry flavor, the tart-spicy note, as well as the subtle carbonic acid harmonize perfectly and result in a unique taste experience. Pure summer feeling, you could say.

Lemonello VinTonic

We are pleased to announce the release of our most recent innovation, a wine that vividly reflects the freshness of luscious lemons. The zesty vibrancy of lemons and the elegance of VinTonic combine to create this intriguing cocktail, which is the product of expert craftsmanship. Each drink explodes with the flavors of superb wine, effervescent tonic, and the energizing note of lemons that have been kissed by the sun.

VinTonic Lemonello is ideal, whether as a cool beverage for hot summer days or all year round as a distinctive aperitif refreshment. This new beverage offers customers in your establishment a bright freshness and energizing enjoyment. It is more than just a drink.

The ideal accent to your summer cuisine is VinTonic Lemonello.

Sparkle up your life

The world of aperitif culture is currently experiencing a small revolution: instead of stale white wine and the same old bitter drinks from grandma's dusty cupboard, Hunkeler Distribution is now bringing life to the party. VinTonic, the unique combination of wine and tonic is THE new trend drink from Austria. Its triumphal march across Europe in the last two and a half years shows: VinTonic has what it takes to become a classic.

Whether for on the road, at home, on the rocks, enriched with herbs or fruits, or simply neat - VinTonic is simply fun!

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VinTonic Alc. % Vol. Bottle | UV/Palette
VinTonic Classic 5,7 6 x 7.5dl | 95
VinTonic Rose 5,7 6 x 7.5dl | 95
VinTonic Lemonello 5,7 6 x 7.5dl | 95
VinTonic Classic 2dl 5,7 24 x 2dl | 80
VinTonic Rose 2 dl 5,7 24 x 2dl | 80
VinTonic Lemonello 2 dl 5,7 24 x 2dl | 80


Alcohol 5.7% vol.


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